Wanted: Model 01 Keboardio (EU)

I am looking for a new or barely used Model 01 keyboard, US-QWERTY, quiet clicks, possibly with an extra set of blank caps to buy from an EU country.

I would have wanted to buy a new keyboardio directly from Keyboardio but as far as I found out the shipping from US to Germany is min. about 120 USD, which is more than a third of the original price and too much for me.

Same the shipping cost for me was 200Eur I can’t spend that much extra.

Wow. Where to? That’s even more. And I am not sure that the customs is already included. I guess not.

Customs and any applicable VAT are included in the shipping price as of a while ago.

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Hi @algernon,

thanks for clearing that up.

Hi Marty.

If you’re still looking for a keyboard, I’m selling one here: