[closed] Wanted: Keyboardio Model 01 QC (EU)

Item : Keyboardio Model 01 (Quiet Click)
Price : open for offers
Condtion : >=ok/good
Location : Austria (Europe)

I’d like to buy a Model 01 as long as it can be shipped to Europe.
It needs to be quiet and have the stands, and I prefer good condition, but I’m willing to buy older production runs.

I have a quiet Model 01 (MP4) that I’m looking to sell. Over the last year I’ve tried to migrate to it twice but didn’t reach a point where it felt good and agreed with my hands.

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UiQ2VFkSXxtN1mhA7

I don’t have the original very short RJ45 cable anymore. I replaced it with a longer black cable that allowed me to separate the halves of the keyboard more. I’d include that instead. The rest (stands, screws, screwdriver, cheatsheet, usb cable, halves-connector) is present (see photo).

This would ship from Berlin and I ask for 200 Euro (includes shipping). Let me know if you have further questions.

Sounds good, please PM me how to pay :slight_smile:

I bought his keyboard, so this topic can be closed.