[SOLD] Model 01, quiet click / Paris, France - 200€

Item: Model 01, quiet click with QWERTY keycaps
Price: 200 euros
Condtion: As new
Location: Paris, France

This was ordered on Kickstarter, but I ended up not using it anymore.

I’m happy to give it in person if you’re in the Paris region; otherwise, I guess the shipping fees would be on you (something like 10 euros I guess?)

I have the box and all the accessories.

The keyboard’s serial number #000649; it suffered from the key chatter issue that some of the first keyboards exhibited. I applied the fix advised by keyboard.io (putting some isopropyl alcohol into the switch) and it now works fine.


that’s a pity. Would have taken it but ordered a new one two weeks ago.

hello @Phlogistique is this still for sale?

Hi Ben; it’s still for sale.

Interested from Spain

@Phlogistique has this sold yet? I’m also interested.

Hi all,

Just looked at the prices for sending it out.

Sending it to Spain would cost 22 euros, for a total of 222 euros.
Sending it to the US or Russia would cost 54.55 euros, for a total of 254.55 euros.

The keyboard is not sold yet, so I’ll send a proposal to people who registered interest.

Zygous, where are you from?

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Hi Ben;

Can’t contact you by private message; if you can please do so.

Are you still interested in buying the keyboard? Shipping to the US would cost 54.55 euros, for a total of 254.55 euros.

Best regards,

@Phlogistique I’m in the UK.

@Phlogistique Is this still for sale?

Hi everyone,

The keyboard is sold.