[FOR SALE] Model 01 quiet click - Switzerland/EU

Item : Model 01 with quiet click in mint condition
Price : 330 CHF, 300 EUR
Condition : Like new (I tried it out for 2 weeks)
Warranty: 10 months
Location : Zurich, Switzerland. I guess shipping within the EU should be possible without crazy shipping costs.

I would like to give a quick feedback on my experience with the keyboardio. I really think it’s a great keyboard. Nothing wrong with it except maybe I would prefer it to be a little smaller (I have small hands).

So why am I selling then?… Luckily, I never had any problems with RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. I bought this keyboard because it’s split, has a column layout, a thumb cluster that makes sense, and it’s programmability. It was very easy and quick to get used to normal typing. But for coding (I’m a software developer) I struggled a lot. IMHO coding is not normal typing as it involves a lot of chording and typing special characters. I would have needed much more practicing to master that and going back and forth between my laptop keyboard and keybordio was not very helpful either.

Another interesting observation I made is that I love typing with my pinkies. From my understanding, ergonomic keyboards usually try to avoid too much “pinky use” and promote the using of the stronger thumbs. But for me, all the keys that are easily reachable with my pinkies, without having to move away my hands from the home row, are “prime estate”. I quite heavily customized my keyboard to use typically underused keys like tab, shift, caps lock, return to do all sorts of “hyper, meta, whatever chording” and I find it very efficient for my workflow. And that’s definitely not how the keyboardio is intended to be used.

Again, the keyboardio is a really stylish looking and well thought out and I’m sure worth every penny if it helps with any health issues. But I can’t justify to have a $400 keyboard laying around unused. Therefore, I sadly have to sell it.

im interested, sent you a pm

I’m interested. I’m in Zurich could meet at HB. New price seems to be 360 CHF - 20 USD discount code = 340 CHF. Could you do better on the price? 300 CHF?

interested, sending pm