[SOLD] For Sale: Model01, barely used, Zürich Switzerland

Item: Model 01 Quiet Click
Price: 250$ (or Swiss franc) + Shipping
Condtion: Used for 1 Week, like new
Location: Zürich, Switzerland

I’m selling my Keyboardio Model 01-Q (#003390).
On my journey to find the best keyboard for me I tried the keyboardio for a little bit. Unfortunately it is not for me and thus I would like to sell my keyboardio.

I used the keyboard for a couple of days and then put it back into its original box. The condition is like new and all the original parts are in the original box. Also the firmware is in its original state.

I’m based in Zürich, Switzerland but can ship anywhere.
Cost: 250$ or Swiss Francs plus shipping cost to your location.

I’m interested, DM me for details.

I’m interested if it’s still available, I’m based in Basel so it should be easy to organise the shipping :wink:.

Hey Federico,
Unfortunately I already sold it.