[sold] Model01 quiet Click, with travel case - Cologne, Germany

Item: Model01 quiet click, with travel case
Price: 290 Euro
Condtion: Only slightly used
Location: Cologne, Germany

Hello all,

I’m very sad to put my Model01 up for sale. It’s the variant with quiet click (although they
key presses are audible). Serial Number is 002117. It has a QUERTY layout.
I’ve bought the keyboard some time in 2018, but I used it only seldomly. So the condition
is almost as new. I’m selling a travel case along with the keyboard.
The board itself and the customizability are awesome, as you probably already know. Still
my hands are a tad too small to allow typing comfortably.

The price includes shipping inside EU with DHL, so the packet will be insured properly.

I hope the keyboard finds a new happy home!


Took me a bit of time, but here are some pics of the board and the travelcase:


Second post with images:

New price: 260 Euro

was it in connection to thumb cluster that you decided to sell?

The thumb cluster is working perfectly well from a technical perspective, if that’s what you’re asking.
I’m selling the board because the main keys (not the ones on the thumb cluster) are just a tad too distant from each other - for my hands.


I couldn’t figure out how to DM, so posting here in the thread.

I’d like to buy your keyboard. Let’s get in touch via e-mail. Mine is jannepeltola äät iki dot fi.


Oh, I’m sorry for being late to update the subject. The board is already sold.

Edit: apparently I cannot edit the subject…