[WANTED] Model 01 'quiet click' and/or Travel Case

Looking for a Model 01 ‘quiet-click’ as a secondary driver.
Offers appreciated.

I might be interested in selling mine. I’ve been using the Atreus as my daily driver lately.

I’ve got the travel case and Qwerty, Dvorak, and Linear A keycaps for it. I’d be looking for $300 USD for all of it.

Shipping would be extra unless you’re in southern Ontario and I could deliver.

I just put up my 2nd board for sale.
[For sale - US] Model01 Quiet Click with Qwerty, Blank, and Clear keycaps - $300 includes shipping to continental US - For Sale - Keyboardio community

Thanks for the heads up. Could you consider selling the travel-case separately?

I could be interested by just the travel-case, depending on the price and shipping to France !

No. I’d only want to sell everything together.

I use the travel case to take the keyboard between home and work. If I still have the keyboard then I’ll need the case.

[CASE CLOSED] thanks