[Sold] Model 01 Quiet Click, with unpainted keycaps, CA/US

Item: Model 01 QC, w/ spare blank keycaps
Price: US$200 + shipping
Condtion: Excellent condition, light use.
Location: Canada, willing to ship to north america.

Tried it fulltime for ~3wk before I decided it wasn’t for me. Will ship keyboard + keycaps (in their original shipping boxes) well-attached.

Photos: https://imgur.com/a/ljY0WUS

Hi Jamie

I registered my interest on another posting but haven’t heard back yet. I’d be very interested to buy this from you and willing to act quickly. How much would shipping be to Miami? Thanks


Hi Hass,

Current exchange rate works out to US$49 to ship.

  • Jamie

I’m interested in buying (I’m in California). Is this available?

Sorry, Keyboard now sold.