For Sale: Model 01, maple/quiet, like new, $200, Seattle USA

Item: Every few years, I’ve tried to convince my fingers that they can do a Model 01, and, sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s time to stop trying quite so hard and accept that this is not the keyboard for me, much as I’d love it to be.

This is the maple colored, quiet-click version, with US QWERTY keycaps.

I’ll include everything from the original shipping kit, except the USB-C cable, which (fun trivia!) was defective when I got it. All the cardboard and foam is still there!

Price: $200 + shipping

Condition: It’s got perhaps thirty hours of typing on it, often while squinting at a typing tutor app. Everything works; colors continue to be hypnotically beautiful.

Location: Seattle, WA

Hey, is this still available? If you’d be willing to ship to Vancouver, Canada, I’d be interested

Is it still available? Would you ship to Europe?