For Sale: 2 Model 01 quiet click QWERTY, Singapore

Item: 2 identical Model 01 in Maple, with QWERTY quiet click keys. These are from the original Kickstarter run. They both include all necessary cables. I have a single laminated key layout sheet that I can include if you like.

Price: USD $175 each, or $300 for the pair, plus shipping.

Condtion: Very good. Both keyboards were used in offices and had no issues with key strokes or needed any repairs. Wood is in perfect condition.

Location: Singapore, willing to ship internationally.

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:


I am interested in this keyboard.
Would you be willing to discount it to $160?
How much does it cost to ship one keyboard to Japan?

Shota, I’ve sent you a private message so we can work it out.

Hi Shota,
I am interested, are these still for sale?

Is one of these still available?