[sold] Keyboardio Model 1

US$290 plus shipping. Basically new original run Model 1. I no longer sit in front of one computer, and so cannot afford to train up my muscle memory on this keyboard. It comes with all supplied components, in its original packaging.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Is this still available?
Would you ship to Poland?
Is this the quiet click model?

Hi there,

I’m in NYC and interested in buying your Model 1.

It’s a quiet click version, I believe. No tactile “click”. It comes with Colemak keys, too, which are unopened.

Hi, I’m near Boston, MA (02478). Do you know how much shipping would be?
Also, is there any room for negotiation on the price? I’d really like the quiet click version, but the current price + shipping is over my budget of $300…