For Sale: Keyboardio Model 01, Loud Click [Los Angeles, California] ($240)

Item: Keyboard Model 01, Loud click
Price: $240 + Shipping, OBO
Condition: Keyboard like new. Missing some optional parts - see below.
Location: Los Angeles, CA.

I got this keyboard during the original crowdfunding in 2015. I tried it a few times, but it just didn’t click.

It comes in the box - with the keyboard, the cords, the legs and one connector. I’m selling it at a lower price because one of the plastic rectangular connectors is missing and I no longer have the manual or the orange pen either.


I’m lowering the price to $200!

still available for sale??

Hi @shahram - It’s still for sale! Price is now lowered to $200.

Can I please get a quote for shipping to Vancouver Canada. Pm me @shahramr11 on Twitter.



Still haven’t heard anything… Please reply at your earliest convenience.


Hi @shahram - Unfortunately, I am not shipping internationally. Only shipping to the US. Sorry.

Ok no problem.

It is always hard to find these things around here… that is why I was excited to see one just across the border for sale.



@machiko I’m interested if it’s still available.

@jagthedrummer Hi - Yes it’s still available. You can contact me through the Craigslist posting: