For Sale: Keyboadio Model 01- Brand New - San Francisco, CA - Oakland, CA

(Daniel B) #1

Item: Keyboardio Model 01 Quiet Click
Price: $260 OBO + shipping (can meet in person for no shipping, SF or Oakland)
Condtion: Never used, brand new
Location: West Oakland (can meet in San Francisco or Oakland)

Backer #1217 from original Kickstarter (can share documentation). Keyboard never used because production was delayed so I kept forgetting about it and I was really busy work wise when I received it so I had put it away and continued to forget about it.

Here are the photos:

(King) #2

Hello, i am interested in the model 01. I can pay 200.00 plus shipping if it is not to inflated through Paypa. I appreciate your consideration of my offer. Thanks

(Jesse Atkinson) #3

I live in SF. Super interested. Will gladly pay $260 and meet anywhere. Are these the loud or quiet keys?

(Daniel B) #4

It’s the Keyboardio Model 01-Q so I believe it’s the quiet keys (was tapping them now and there don’t sound like the loud click mechanical keyboards).

(Jenn Kaplan) #5

if it hasn’t been sold yet I’m definitely interested. can meet anywhere

(Daniel B) #6

I just sent you a PM.