[SOLD]: Brand New Model 01 QC - US - MO $255 Shipped

Item: Model 01 Quiet Click Keyboardio
Price: $255 Shipped in US
Condition: New
Location: US - MO

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
I have a new in box Keyboardio Model 01. I opened box to check contents, but have not used the keyboard. I have two others as well, and ended up not setting up a third workstation. So, I would be happy to pass a little bit of savings along to someone who would like to pick up a keyboardio. It comes in the original box, with all original contents. Payment through Paypal. Shipping included. Would like to ship inside US. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,


Pm’d. Can you tell me if this has the clicky keys and the date of production?

It is the Quiet Key model. Model 01-Q. Looks Like Manufacturer date is 10/2018. Was delivered to me first of April 2019 new. Let me know if you need any additional info. Thank you

Sent email with counter-offer. If interested, let me know and I will send over my paypal info. Thank you!

SOLD - Dave - Sent out today. Thank you

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