[FOR SALE] Model 01 QC (dropped price to $225)

Keyboardi.io Model 01 QC:
Like New:

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
It works perfectly and the switches feel fantastic. Used it just a few times, just couldn’t get used to the layout. Everything is included and it ships in the original box that it came in.

Hey there, sent a PM.

Has this been sold, or is it still available? If the latter, I might be interested.

I already have two Quiet Click ones, and I’m still considering making an offer on this one.

Interested in buying from Spain

I also have a clicky one now, and a Preonic, and a few other ortholinear keyboard kits on the way.

Do you still have the model 01

Do you still sell? If yes, also with shipping to Germany?

Was this one sold? I’m interested in buying it.

I’d also buy this if you ship to EU.

Is this still available? I’m in the US.

I’d be interested also. Is this still available. I’m in the US.