For Sale: 1x Model01 quiet click with normal keycaps (Europa/Berlin)

Item : Model 01, original, QWERTY, Quiet not_blank
Price : 280€ plus shipping
Condtion : Looks new. Has been used for ~ 10 minutes.
Location : Berlin, Germany

Sad to see this beauty go, but for some reason i always tend to work on my laptop where there is no table.

The condition of the keyboard is 100% as new and of course also 100% working!

As long as you don’t mind shipping to the US, I’d love to take this off your hands as mine just died on me.

I have no issue covering the shipping to the US

How can i contact you? So i can send you some photos of the Keyboard and we can discuss shipping. Are you aware of potential US-customs fees?

No worries on the fees, not having my keyboard is messing with my productivity ( developer )

Hi, is the keyboard still available?

Hallo AntoineD,

Sorry for the late response.
Yes this Keyboard is still available! If you post your email addr i can contact you so we can figure out the specifics.

Regards, Martin

Moin moin,
is the Keyboard still available?

Moin Albrecht!

Yes its still available. How can i contact you, do you want to give me your email?


They Keyboard is no longer available.

And I’m typing happily ever after - thx @yakb.