Keyboardio Model 01 Quiet Click | Europe / Berlin

Item: Keyboardio Model 01 Quiet Click
Price: 220€
Condtion: Very Good
Location: Berlin

The keyboard has been standing around for about a year, I tried to pick it up a couple of times but never really got used to it. I had bought it here from another user and a similar story.

Everything is in perfect condition, all LEDs are working, keys all run smoothly. The only little thing is that one little rubber pad went missing (see photo) - they were on sell here for 2$ at some point, but didn’t ship to Europe. It doesn’t affect you at all if you use the stands. I’m including a useful small ethernet cable to connect both sides without the cable hanging around as compensation ;).

If you live in Berlin you could come see it and pick it up directly.

How about the eBay?

Thank you

How much to ship to US? If you’ll PM me your PayPal email address and if the total cost is reasonable, I’ll send payment.

Hey :slight_smile:
Is it still available? :slight_smile:

Hi. Is it still on sale ? FYI, i’m located in Belgium in the eastern part.

Hi maybe too late for the party.

Is this still available ?