Model 01 quiet switches, like new + extra keycap set, New York, NY - CONUS $250 incl. shipping, o.b.o

Item: Original Model 01 Quiet Click from Kickstarter plus extra keycap set
Price: $250
Condtion: Like new
Location: New York, NY, USA

I used this for maybe a week after receiving from the Kickstarter campaign, then put it back in its box and haven’t used since, so condition is like new. Comes with all the original parts and packaging (even including the screwdriver). In addition it comes with an extra keycap set, the clear/transparent keys.

Looking for $250 with shipping to CONUS included.

Price drop - any takers at $200? Or make me an offer.

Further price drop - $150.

Such a shame, you really are not going to use it?

Could you have a look into shipping to the EU, to the Netherlands if specifics make a difference?

I priced out shipping to Amsterdam, and USPS quotes about $75 for Priority International, with FedEx and UPS quoting over $300 for their “economy” international shipping.

I went through a phase of trying a few different alternative keyboard layouts, and came to the conclusion that for the work I do I really have to stick to a standard qwerty ansi layout as much as possible. I frequently move between different keyboards in different computing environments / locations, some where I don’t have control over the keyboard layout, so using a layout like the Model 01’s and having to still use standard ansi concurrently, just doesn’t work for me.

Hi, thanks for taking the trouble. Views on ‘economy’ seem to differ from company to company :wink:

Even with $75 for shipping, I think the future of your keyboard is on that side of the Atlantic.

For me lugging the keyboard along weighs up to the benefits of using it anyplace, but having one at home and one in the office/on the road is slightly less trouble. Pity it does not work out for you. Your price can’t be the problem, good luck selling!

I live in the US and interested if it’s still available - sent you a PM

For those interested - a few days ago I put the keyboard up for auction on ebay: Keyboardio Model 01 keyboard w/ Matias quiet-click switches and extra keycap set | eBay.

Dan, I’m interested.

This has been sold (I’m not allowed to edit original post).