Lightly used Model 01 from first run, quiet click - $200 OBO

Lowered price to $200!

Item: Model 01 with quiet switches + qwerty caps
Price: $200 OBO + shipping
Condition: Very good/like new, in box but I lost the screw driver
Location: Las Vegas, will ship

I ordered 2, one for permanent use and one for travel but never could get up to speed with it and went back to my Advantage. My fingers are just too opinionated, this was the one I never used much and didn’t take on any trips. Likely will sell the other one, too, but haven’t decided yet!


Dear Sir or Ma’am… I am an impoverished and indebted college senior who still has a full year to go at the Baskin School of Engineering on the California coast, very near Oakland where the designers are based. I am $20k in debt and can show you my student loan statement if you’d like, anyhow in lieu of my negative assets and net worth I can only offer you the meager sum of $175 in the hopes that the expense will not only alleviate my awkward wrist pronation and pain but that I will be subsequently, do to the device, be fortunate enough to overcome my financial woes and one day progress into a full fledged societal member with all the trimmings of financial/familial/spiritual security…

Thank you for your time.

P.S. I would of course still pay shipping too.

They sent it to the nearest California distribution center which is only 45 minutes from my University. Then sent it 2,000 miles in the wrong direction all the way to Kentucky :man_shrugging:

O.K. It’s back to San Jose from it’s needless 4,000 mile journey back and forth across the U.S. Lets hope they can get it that last 45 miles this time.

Did it land? I’m terribly curious!

After an extended journey across the land, presumably by air, it finally reached me by the sea none too soon. Mr. Shirley is a most generous gentleman and my sincerest thanks are gratefully offered to him and the design team for this is immensely better than anything else so far conceived…

As far as the journey to East of the Mississippi it took, it worked out fine. At least they didn’t completely loose it like they did my community college transcripts upon trying to transfer to this university prompting the institution to rescind my admission resulting in me being homeless for 10 months and sleeping half way in the trunk and backseat of a 90’s Honda Civic for that interim until I could reapply the next year and personally hand deliver the damn things… :smoking:

Do you still have this available

Also here the question: Do you still sell? If yes, also with shipping to Germany?

I have one keyboard still, not really sure if I want to sell it. Open to offers, and fine to ship anywhere as long as you paypal ahead of time and pay for shipping.

Hi @jshirley,

thanks, I already ordered a new one.

hi @jshirley is one keyboard still for sale? :smiley:

Yeah, I decided I’ll sell the other one. It doesn’t make sense to keep it stored in a box. $200 and its yours!

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@jshirley deal! I just DMed you.

Damn, if that doesn’t happen let me know, I’ll buy it.

I’d also take it if you ship to EU.

Did this get sold? I may be interested depending on shipping.

Is this by any chance still available? I’m Vegas local, so I could pick it up.