For Sale: Like new Model 01 keyboard with two extra keycap sets and keyswitches - Oregon, US (SOLD)

Item: Maple quiet clicky Model 01 keyboard. With all original packaging and accessories. With an additional brand new (unused) Qwerty and Dvorak replacement keycap sets. As well as additional original replacement quiet clicky key switches.
Price: $230 $190 + Shipping
Condition: Used but excellent condition, works very well without key issues. Switches that had problems were professionally replaced and lubricated.
Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States (willing to ship internationally)

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:

Edit: Discounted from $230 to $190

Hi Piotr, I have been following your electronics work and I think that if you have used a keyboard should increase the value :grinning:

I am interested in buying the keyboard and parts for $190 if it is still available.

Let me know if it is available and we can work out the process. I have a delivery address in the US.

Thanks, Harry

Hi Harry,

Thank you for your interest. Yes the keyboard is still available. I sent you a DM. :smiley:


This keyboard has been sold. :slight_smile: