I need help with waiting for my keyboard

Hey all,

I am really looking forward to this keyboard. I feel like the only kid without a present on Christmas morning…
am I the only one?

I ordered my KBIO March 6th, any idea how I’ll know what MP# (ship #?) I am?

In the meantime, what will help with the cravings? cigarettes? plates with artwork by Thomas Kinkade?



Keep yourself occupied by planning your keymap and plugin configuration!


Take some solace that you are getting a later shipment as your keyboard lube will be less of a problem. I got an MP1 and so far I’ve had six keys with chatter issues. I’m using their recommended do-it-yourself fix technique, but it’s happening more often now, not less, and I’ve had to treat more than one key more than once.


(That signature macroed into my Keyboardio to fn-d !)

You can also take solace in the fact that you didn’t have to wait 2+ years like us kickstarter backers! That being said, it’s all totally worth the wait. You’ll likely get yours as a part of MP4 or MP5, so probably a month or two left.

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It just arrived. I’m typing on it now.

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How do you do that? I ask because I want to be ready when mine comes in. Also I’ve been learning Dvorak while I wait.