wait times

Another one of my Model 01 keys have failed (What to do if your keyboard seems to duplicate keystrokes or a key stops working).

The last time this happened, I emailed and Jesse was very responsive and helped get it fixed.

This time, it’s been 48 hours since my first email (I sent a follow up this morning), but have still not heard back. Is their support queue slammed? Has anyone else interacted with support lately?

Just hoping to get my keyboard up and running again as soon as possible. Alternately, if anyone knows where I can buy replacement switches, that would be helpful too.

Thank you!

We’re a two person company and while we do try to be as responsive as we can, It does sometimes take us a bit to reply to support inquiries. (We try hard to prioritize in-warranty issues, though.)

For better or worse, right now, I’m absolutely more focused on trying to get the Model 100 shipped. There’s still a ton of work to do on that front