[WANTED] Model 01 - any - EU

I’m looking to purchase a Model 01, with any sort of switches or keycaps, shipped from the EU to save on duty and shipping.

Just send me a PM on the forum.

Hello there, are you still interested ?

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I am, if rmblr doesn’t respond.

Do you have one to sell?

Definitely still interested!

Can you PM me ? It seems that this forum doesn’t want me to PM

I PMed them, but unfortunately they never replied.

My Model 01 from the original KS batch is unfortunately affected by the sever skipping+repeating keys issue, and is unfortunately outside warranty. So I am still looking for a replacement.

Currently it is possible to purchase a Model 01 from the official store shipped to Austria for 356 USD or ~ 325 EUR.

My offer at 300 EUR incl shipping is still open.

I have the same issue with repeating keys. Have you tried the troubleshooting advice on this post What to do if your keyboard seems to duplicate keystrokes or a key stops working


@pompos @rmblr You should both drop us email at help@keyboard.io. We’ve got some possible solutions for your repeating key issues, possibly above and beyond the tech note linked earlier.

I have indeed, and it works. But only for a week or so. Then I have to do it again. It’s quite annoying. Unfortunately I was traveling during the first year of owning the 01 and didn’t use it much, and by the time I discovered the key issue, the warranty was already expired.

I think I will try to obtain some additional key switches and attempt to solder them.

No longer in the market, I’ve purchased a newer batch 01. Thanks to the seller!