[WANTED] Model 01 (or right half of Model 01)

Item: Model 01 or right half of Model 01
Location: Germany (Bavaria, near Munich)

The right half of my Model 01 is broken (just the right shift key tbh but it is annoying enough). I am searching for a replacement, either the right half or the whole keyboard. In case of just the right half, I’d prefer the loud key switches.

Offers very much appreciated!


I found someone on Reddit kind enough to fix my “O” key when it broke and I bungled trying to fix it myself. I understand that, if I’d not tried myself and made a mess, it would have been a very simple thing to replace the keyswitch. The totaly cost to me, despite the work, was £25 + postage.

I highly recommend reaching out to the community, either here on on Reddit, for help repairing your key.


Thanks for the advice! The thing is, I think I fubared it when trying to soldering it myself. I think that I broke the copper layers/conductors underneath. Now, when I press the shift key and other keys on the thumb bar, all of them light up or sometimes none of them.

Oh well, thanks anyway!