Keyboardio Model 01 halves (probably for parts)

Item: Model 01, both halves, plus qwerty keycaps, screwdriver and plastic center slide piece
Price: $45
Condtion: Used, had a keyswitch problem; haven’t investigated any further.
Location: Denver, CO

Not much to say, I have an old Model 01 that I replaced (using this very forum; thank you community!).
I need it gone because I’m leaving the country. The original issue that caused me to get a replacement was that a single keyswitch (left thumb second key [backspace]) wasn’t responding consistently. It’s been sitting in a box for like a year and a half, and I’m not sure if it actually works or not. Was just wondering if anyone would like it. Pay for the shipping and maybe tip me; it can be yours.

Would you be willing to ship the the UK?

Still up for sale? Would be very interested. 100 USD.