[SOLD] Brand new Keyboardio 01 MP5 for sale

Item: Keyboardio, Model 01,
Price: $300.00
Condtion: Brand new
Location: Woodinville, WA

I used this MP5 keyboard for a total of ten hours, I couldn’t get used to typing on it though. Seems my hands are too large for it.

Paypal & ship it, and I’m game. My wife is looking to try one.

Hi Rob,

Sure, let’s do it! My PayPal account name is Christopher Boorman. As soon as I receive three hundred dollars from you, I’ll ship the Keyboardio keyboard to the address that you provide.


Chris, it will only take email or phone #, looks like some upgrade to Paypal.ppal

Chris, if you get me your email or #, I’ll take care of this today.

Hi Rob, here’s my e-mail: cjboorman@comcast.net

One last question, quiet or not…

Payment sent Chris. Please let me know on quiet or not. Thanks, provide tracking to my email,rob@robanddonna.me

Got your payment. Thanks.

My Keyboardio keyboard is the quiet model (the one most people get). I heard the other model is too loud!

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Shipped UPS last night.

Tracking Number: 1ZA1129E0375466827

Thanks Chris. Not showing on UPS yet, Ill give it a day or so. Appreciated.

It would help if you could prepend the topic with [sold]