[SOLD] Model 01 from Chicago... gently used for less than a month (Quiet Switches)


I saw the Keyboardio commercial and purchased it during thanksgiving weekend in 2017…I waited and waited till it arrived in early May. Since receiving the Keyboardio and trying it out I discovered this KB suits a more advanced user.

I gently used this Keyboardio Model 01 “MP4” production run KB for a less than a mont. Its still in a like new condition. Ill make sure to send all the accessories that came with the unit.

Ill be sure to ship this out to anywhere in the US with in 24 hours, and send you the tracking info. Ill ship out via ups

Ill let it go for $310 shipping included…if your interested let me know

I live in the Chicago suburbs, and I’m trying to get ahold a a second M01. Is that price firm? What if I came to pick it up (or met you at an agreed location)?

Im sorry JDH this unit is SOLD now.