Atreus Macros not working

When I update the keymap (to put new Macros on there) on my Atreus, it will stop the Macros from functioning at all unless I revert back in the Arduino Board Manager to version 1.99.1 - any higher versions (including latest, 1.99.3) stop Macros from working.

I’m using Chrysalis 0.8.4 to actually map the Macros, and Arduino 1.8.15 (not the Store version) to update the Keymap on Windows 10. The additional boards manager URL I’m using is here:

I feel like I must have missed something, or that something somewhere needs to be updated, but I’m lost on what else to try! Any ideas?

Ohhhhhhhh… I’m wondering if I need to do this:

I’ll post back here if that does it.

I couldn’t do this :arrow_up: because for some reason that new version of the Macros plugin looks like it’s not being found when I install the latest version using the Board manager (1.99.3).

When I try to update the macroAction method signature in my sketch I get:

error: 'KeyEvent' has not been declared
 const macro_t* macroAction(uint8_t macroIndex, KeyEvent &event) {
exit status 1

…which makes me think that the plugin that’s being downloaded by the Board Manager isn’t the latest version? I am very confused, either way.

Grateful for any ideas, for now I’ve rolled back to 1.99.1 and am back working again.

That’s right. The Boards Manager version is not up to date with the current master branch of Kaleidoscope.

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