Atreus switch and keycap options

I am keen to order the Atreus, but my ideal switch option is not available. I think I would like the Box Silent switch from Kailh’s range. Is there any possibility it might be chosen as a factory option, or the keyboard brought without switches (given that it is a hot-swap model after all)?

I understand the keyboard already has inbuilt sound attenuation. So would I benefit from a silent switch in practice? I run box red in another board already and enjoy using them, but want to try something different and am interested by the super-light actuation and lack of clack that this switch promises to offer. Sometimes I do ‘flash fiction’ with my local writers group in the library, so would like to be able to type discreetly. As the Atreus is marketed as portable, I doubt I am the only one who wants maximum stealth!

Also keycaps: I would like to experiment with different configurations on the thumb/modifier row. Currently I am asked to choose between a printed set of keycaps or a blank set. Is it possible to offer a halfway house set of printed letter legends that leaves the remainder blank?

The horse is probably out of the barn when it comes to special switch requests.

However, I bet others would appreciate a couple extra blank caps to replace non-alphabet keys. Maybe someone has an extra set of blank keycaps which could be split up?