Low profile switches on Atreus?

I am currently in the process of trying to figure out what switches and keykaps would I want to use with my Atreus. I would really fancy to try out low profile switches, or anything resembling the experience.

However, I’ve looked around here and on Discord a bit, and from sporadic messages I see that Atreus and low profile does not go hand in hand.

I would like to just ask about the actual problem here.

  • Is this because of the case is made for normal size switches?
  • Is the PCB also incompatible with low profile switches? In this case, none of the available options would work (Kailh choc v1, v2, any MX low profile, etc.)?

Bonus question: is anyone using flat keys like this: F10 (flat key) Keyset - Pimpmykeyboard.com ? Does this work on Atreus or would it make a difference in feel/keytravel?

Both. As it happens I would also be interested in a low profile Atreus with Cherry MX-LP switches for superior portability.

I have never used flat switches, but they would feel different as the switches would not guide your fingertips to the correct point to the same degree as with spherical or concave. Nonetheless, it is perfectly possible to type accurately with flat keys as any laptop owner will tell you.

While they’re obviously not as curved as the keycaps on my preferred keyboards, the keys on the laptops I have are not actually flat. The MacBook Air I’m using right now has keys that are concave enough that I can easily tell by feel where my fingertips are on each key, even when not in contact with the edges. Some of the keys are actually flat on the top, and the difference is quite obvious, even with just a tiny bit of curvature.