Best way to switch between many layers?

Just wondering what you guys think is the best way to set up a many-layered layout so that you can easily switch between layers.

If you have 4, 5, 6, or more layers, how do you make it so you can easily access any key on any layer?

Do you have a different key for each layer? Where do you put the keys?

Do you have keys for “up a layer” and “down a layer”?

Or how do you set it up?

I have dedicated keys for the most important layers. For the rest, I either use stepper layers (so for example, to get to layer 6, I’d go 2->4->6 or so), or magic combos. What I found easiest to remember is to have a dedicated “layer map” layer, from where I can access any of the layers, and then use a magic combo to get to that layers. So getting to layer 6 is: combo, 6. Two actions.


Good idea! I like the layer layer. Is it one-shot or does it keep that layer until you switch again?

Can you elaborate a little more on your setup? How do the steps work, and how many layers do you have and what do you use them for?


Every modifier and layer key is oneshot for me, unless I use MagicCombo.

On one of my keyboards, I have a few gaming layers, each tweaked for a different game. I also have a prose layer and a programming layer. So if I want to play a game for which I have a layer for, I switch to the “game select” layer, and bounce from there to the final layer. Then, I have a non-game layer selector, to switch between prose (dvorak), programming (~programmer dvorak) and qwerty (so my wife can use the same keyboard too). My base layer has a single layer key, to switch to a hungarian symbols + numpad layer. I access the stepper layers via magic combos.

This is on my Raise, which I mainly use for gaming, but have the other layers because why not.

My daily driver is - of course - a Model01, for which my sketch is here:


You can see how the neo layout setup the layer switches here:
On my Model 1 I have only simple keys for the layer switches.