Chrysalis multiple keyboard layouts

Hi I want to store several keyboard-layouts on my model01 and switch through them with a keybinding. Is there enough storage space and does kaleidoscope support this?

| device | used layout |
|Computer | qwerty |
| keyboard | workman, qwerty, qwertz |

I then want to switch with a hotkey between the keyboard layouts



I used to have multiple layouts on my Atreus and Model01 (Azerty, Azety symbols, Bépo, Bépo symbols, Steno, numbers, mousekeys) over 7 layers :

  • Put commons things on the top layers (mouse keys on 6, numbers on 5, …)
  • Put the most used (or your target one, if you’re not yet fluent with it) layout on the first layer (workman : it will be the default one when you’ll plug the keyboard)
  • Put the other layout on top of it (eg. Qwerty on layer 2 and Qwertz on layer 3)
  • On each layer, add a swich to layer 6 key (eg. on the palm key)
  • On layer 6, add a move to layer # for each layout you want (eg. Move to layer 2 on q, Move to layer 1 on w, Move to layer 3 on z).

Now, when you want to change your layout, you just need to press :

  • palm+q to Qwerty
  • palm+w to Workman
  • palm+z to Qwertz

(here, qwz are the legacy ones, they will not change with the layout, so it might not be a good naming idea :slight_smile: )

Here, you don’t have to use special firmware, just Chrysalis, some time to put all the letters where you want them to be, and some (more) time to be accustomed to using them :slight_smile:

Happy hacking :hammer_and_wrench:

Thank you for your response. I have now 3 Layouts, but did not figure out how to set hotkeys in chrysalis to switch between layers.

Layer 0: workman
Layer 1: numbers
Layer 2: “Fn”-Layer
Layer 3: qwerty
Layer 4: qwertz

I would love to use “Fn” + q to switch to layer 0, “Fn” + e to switch to layer 3 and “Fn” + c to switch to Layer 4. Do I have to use macros for that?

I have solved it myself. You can use “Move to layer”.