Customising layout with international letters, macros, lights, etc


Original Model 01 backer here. Just pulled it out of storage at my new place after a few years on the shelf and need help programming it to my needs.

Chrysalis is a great program however I can’t figure out how to do everything I need.

For example, I need to be able to access Polish characters. Usually, I just press alt + and the letter I need modified, combined with the windows language setting set to Polish (programmers). However, this doesn’t work. I tried adding the characters myself to a new layer, however I cannot access them from the Polish keyboard I select within Chrysalis. I tried playing with the INTL/LANG keys but I’m not sure how they work to help me here. This is my main concern, as it’s preventing me from using the Model 01 as my sole keyboard. I currently have to keep another keyboard around so I can access these characters, which I need quite frequently.

I also would like to program my own simple macros to help with work productivity. Simple things like having a common email template ready to paste. Is there a tutorial on how to create these macros and assign them to a key with Chrysalis? Same goes for lighting. When I hit the NumPad key, the NumPad keys light up red. I’d like to use the same feature for when I go into my QWERTY gaming layout which only uses the left side of the keyboard, however the colour option within Chrysalis doesn’t appear to affect the LED, just the colour of the key within the layout in the program.

I’ve perused the Getting Started — Kaleidoscope documentation guide and did a quick search on the forums here. I’m not a programmer and have limited experience with programming so hoping I’m not asking any silly questions here. I’m eager to learn, just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Thank you for your help!