Creating a Model 100 layout with Chrysalis without having a keyboard

i wanted to play around with Chrysalis to look at different options for the QWERTZ layout on Model 100 but i seem unable to do it with Chrysalis as long as i have not yet received a physical keyboard. That’s a bummer. Is there a way to circumvent it?

I don’t think it’s possible at the moment. Your best bet would be to use for playing around. In the Model01 layout thread there’s the link to the template:
Keyboard Layout Editor

As well as a lot of inspiration:

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Indeed, this is not possible yet. It’s an often requested feature for Chrysalis, and it is on our radar, but it requires substantial changes in Chrysalis’ architecture. We’re slowly refactoring Chrysalis to make it possible to work with a keyboard “offline”, but we’re not quite there yet, and arriving there will take some time still.

I have no ETA for the feature yet, but anyone interested in our progress can subscribe to Chrysalis#377. Once we get nearer, I’ll be posting updates there.