Software development

I wasn’t able to find related posts, but I’m just wondering if there are software developers (I bet there are :slight_smile: ) in here using the Model 01 (soon Model 100)?
What custom layouts did you come up with etc. Is it possible to eg. configure a numpad layout and change the standard number row to function keys (F1,F2…)?
Is it possible to change the physical order of the thumb keys (so that the logical layout equals the physical labels)?

Lots of questions, but thanks for taking time to read this!

Take a look at Chrysalis, the graphical interface for customizing all your layouts !

For the physical part, the Model01 has sculpted keys, so you can’t move them, exept the thumb keys that you can move in any order. There are also blank keycaps (with no letters labeled on it) available in white and black colors, and of course the Linear-A set that is just Oulalah :rocket:

And for developers, for shure, there is all the teams that contribute to the software here :smile:

Try to search for the name of your favorite editor and you will surely found some powertriks to try !

One of those is certainly to have a dedicated layer for useful combos (like Ctrl+Alt+Ins or so).


Great! Is it possible to run Chrysalis without a supported keyboard? All I see is that the program is looking for a compatible keyboard… which I don’t have (yet :smiley: ).

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There was an attempt to have a virtual keyboard, but it seems not to be continued…

I wonder if flashing an Arduino with the firmware should suffice ?