Getting Started With Your Model 01


The Kaleidoscope wiki is the place to go to learn how to customize your Model 01 on your own. There are instructions for installing and configuring the keyboard firmware, and some additional resources if you want to go deeper.

Note from @Jesse: The promise I’ve made to backers is that since the GUI tools aren’t available, if you can’t figure out how to remap using the current stuff or just don’t want to take the time, I will be your ‘coding concierge’ - You tell me what you want and I’ll make the changes, build the firmware and walk you through getting it onto your keyboard, up to and including screen-sharing if you need it.

There are a few different names that get used a lot:

Keyboardio is the company that @Kaia and @Jesse started a few years back so they could take our money and make us wonderful Things. :slight_smile:

The Model 01 is the first wonderful thing they made: the beautiful butterfly shaped keyboard.

Kaleidoscope is the firmware that runs on the Model 01. It’s what we configure to change what happens when keys get pressed.

Chrysalis is a GUI tool for configuring Kaleidoscope that isn’t finished yet, but once it’s ready most folks will be able to use it to modify their firmware without having to look at config files.

There are many interesting conversations here on the forums and we encourage you to search for topics that interest you, then jump into the discussion with questions and comments. Whether you want to swap a couple keys around or switch to a layout different from QWERTY or are interested in something else, there are probably folks talking about it.

We are committed to keeping the forums a helpful and welcoming community, and a safe place for everyone to ask and answer questions. Almost all of us were new to our Model 01’s not so long ago, and we remember climbing the learning curve. We’re happy to offer support as you do the same. If you have questions, ask! I promise we’re here to help.