LED Color Customization

I would love to customize the led colors on my model 1, but all of the posts are a couple of years old so I am not sure if they work with the new firmware and some of the links are broken.
Ideally I would love to be able to control the led colors through chrysalis key color. Has anyone built something like that? If not, what would you recommend using to control the color of individual keys on each layer and have they keyboard boot into that led mode?
I am on a Mac and have no programming experience so detailed instructions are most appreciated.

Chrysalis supports customising the colour of individual keys, per layer.
If you want to boot into that LED mode I think you’ll need to edit the firmware - from memory there’s a list of LED modes, just delete everything you don’t want.
The code is fairly well documented, I remember a comment specifically talking about LED modes and ordering. Just note that they default to off for a reason - otherwise, if your host device can’t supply enough power for the LEDs, the keyboard may not connect.

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