Chrysalis - setting all key LEDs at once?

I’d like to be able to set all my keys to have white LEDs. Is that possible in Chrysalis without setting them manually? Is it possible to make an LED profile in Chrysalis, or do I have to build a sketch for that?

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It is not yet possible to set the color of keys in bulk with Chrysalis. However, if you want all keys to be of the same color, by default, they’re all using the last palette entry, so if you set that to the color you prefer, and configure your keyboard to start up with the ColormapEffect LED mode by default (Preferences / My Keyboard, and use “14” for the default led mode), that might be a quick workaround.

Do I need to individually set them all first?

If you’re starting from scratch - no. With an empty eeprom, all keys use palette #15 as the color, so if you set that color to something else, all keys will then have that color.


That did it, thank you!

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