Model 01 set LED color blue

I want to modify my model 01 keyboard so that the led key will just turn on the color ‘blue’, not cycle through all the possible colors. My initial guess was that I could modify the KEYMAP and change Key_LEDEffectNext to something like Key_LEDEffectBlue, but after a whole lot of searching in the header files, I haven’t found anything like this. What’s my best approach?

The easiest way would probably be to disable all of the color schemes that you don’t want.

@fluffy Thanks, although I’m not sure how I’d do that. I actually found a solution through Chrysalis. I used the ‘Keymap and Color’ page to set the key colors (though I have to do them one key at a time, but it’s a one-time thing.) (and before setting colors, you have to create a color pallette by clicking the squares and choosing from a color-picker. Save, then go to the Preferences menu, choose My Keyboard, and set Default LED mode to 14, which is apparently whatever is set in Chrysalis. Worked fine, no programming involved. This doesn’t program the LED key, so is different from what I asked for, but it achieves the result I want: Solid colored keys every time the keyboard comes on.

Yeah that works too. When you were talking about looking through the header files I assumed you were looking at the .ino and making customized firmware. Chrysalis is the easier approach.