Layer indicators, Per key colors and per layer colors, using Chrysalis

Id like my model 100 to show me what layer it is in, using LEDs
even better, id like to show different color keys per key per layer, like when in layer 1, the num pad keys show red, but when in layer 0, all letter keeys are green.

I thought i had thil confirugerd using chrysali’ but the leds dont match the color shown in chyrsalis UI. is there an led mode that means ‘show the colors in chryla}lls’?

feels like im missing something basic here. my leds are all red, but my chryla}is config is below with }otl ofl colors.

please excule typos new keymap adjultment period

You must switch to the Color map LED effect. It is number 14. You can even set that one as the default effect on bootup.
If you search the forum you will find other threads about that problem.

thank you … this worked!

i did search the forums, but maybe not for the right thigs.

for future members,
the solution is
chrysalis => preferences => my keyboard => LEDs => Default led mode => set this to 14, then hit the save to kbd buttio in bottom left.

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