Layers + LED colors persistent

Using Chrysalis I’m able to define keys on Layer 3 and map a key (Prog) to shift to those layers.

Next I wanted to make those Layer 3 keys light up when shifted to provide visual feedback that the layer is active. Using Chrysalis’ colormap editor tool I assigned colors to the keys in Layer 3.

Now, when shifting to layer 3 the keys do light up however only when I am in a particular LED mode.

I’m not sure what its called, but when you tap the led key, you cycle through various modes. In only one of these “modes” do my Layer 3 keys light up when shifting.

In contrast, compare this to the numpad layer (1) which overrides the LED colors in any LED mode.

I’m sure I could do this by breaking out the arduino ide, but I really like the simplicity of Chrysalis. Is this possible?