Layers + LED colors persistent

Using Chrysalis I’m able to define keys on Layer 3 and map a key (Prog) to shift to those layers.

Next I wanted to make those Layer 3 keys light up when shifted to provide visual feedback that the layer is active. Using Chrysalis’ colormap editor tool I assigned colors to the keys in Layer 3.

Now, when shifting to layer 3 the keys do light up however only when I am in a particular LED mode.

I’m not sure what its called, but when you tap the led key, you cycle through various modes. In only one of these “modes” do my Layer 3 keys light up when shifting.

In contrast, compare this to the numpad layer (1) which overrides the LED colors in any LED mode.

I’m sure I could do this by breaking out the arduino ide, but I really like the simplicity of Chrysalis. Is this possible?

I think that this is a great question, maybe the subject line doesn’t express it precisely. I have the same issue; I have set various color schemes using Chrysalis, but in order to show them I have to press the LED key seven times cycling through various preset color layouts (none of which have any value for me). It would be much more convenient if my color scheme was the default at start up. There does not seem to be any way to tell Chrysalis to set any particular scheme as default. Sorry I don’t have an answer, but a similar question.

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Some LED modes refresh the LED colour values every cycle, so if the colormap effect isn’t also doing so, it will get overridden.