Key Color Mapping

New M100 owner here. Just working through learning the keyboard and customizing.

I’ve figured out how to map keys and change colors on the default layer #0. So moved some of the thumb keys around to fit my use and then determined how to change colours for each key as well. So far so good.

So I still have the default layer #1 as a numpad configuration (this is welcome). I’ve used the Chrysalis layer configurator to set colours different for numbers vs operators vs decimal and = keys to help me keep what’s what straight. Same process I used for Later 0. Saved the config, software appears to do it’s thing successfully but the keyboard has not updated colors. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Ok, I’ve unplugged my keyboard and plugged back in and the layer #0 default mapping appears to not be set (but still shows in Chrysalis). Flipping through the LED settings does not find it. I’m guessing this is the color map bug referenced in another thread.

Flipping through again and it is there? Maybe I don’t understand what the configuration is supposed to do. Would have thought the color settings in Chrysalis would over ride the LED mapping that the LED flips through. Am I wrong?

Try setting the default LED mode to 14 in Preferences / My Keyboard.

The reason for this is that color mapping is implemented as a LED Effect on the firmware side, and there’s only one of those that can be active at the same time (mostly due to technical reasons). Thus, to have the colormap set in Chrysalis appear on the keyboard, you have to switch to the Colormap LED effect first, which happens to be #14 in the default firmware.

This is quite surprising, and convoluted, and confusing, we’re looking into ways to make the experience smoother.

Thanks, seems to solve the startup issue with color keys loading as expected, but does not override the numpad settings. The predefined numpad red keys are still red. It will program any other key any color I want on that later except for the default. I may just create a new layer as a workaround.

Creating a new layer is the current workaround, yes. The NumPad plugin (which does the override) has a complicated history, making it behave properly is sadly more difficult than one would hope.

My needs are relatively simple so I’ve created my own numpad layer. Other than that, the defaults have been extremely sane. My tweaks are mostly switching a few keys. Now I’m wishing I had bought some more key caps for fun!