Force numlock key and keypad area to programmed colors

There seems to be some kind of hardcoded override for the num key and keypad area. Via Chrysalis I have mapped the num key to “Lock to #1” and on layer 1 I’ve set it to “Lock to #0”. I have also defined colors for each layer.

When the keyboard first boots the key colors appear as desired. But when I press num once, instead of change to my selected color, it goes to a breathing blue. Also the keys in the numpad area change to red instead of my selected colors. When I press num again the numpad keys go back to my programmed colors for layer 0 - but the num key remains a breathing blue.

There’s a few open issues about this, and I think a few existing forum threads as well:

Currently the solution is to build your own custom firmware that doesn’t have the NumPad plugin. An ideal solution (IMO) would be to remove NumPad and put an appropriate Colormap setup into the default layout, but there was some reason that @jesse and/or @algernon didn’t want to do that (I think a combination of power consumption and potential user confusion).

Ah, did some digging, the conversation was on Discord. Also I’d opened Make ColorMap take priority over NumPad · Issue #1238 · keyboardio/Kaleidoscope · GitHub as a followup to the conversation.

If you’re on the Discord, the conversation starts here: Discord

The short answer is that indeed, we do plan to replace the NumPad plugin with a regular layer. @algernon has it on his todo list, but has been out sick.

We default to not enabling a layer with LEDs because it can draw more power than some devices (like certain iPads) will allow and immediately disconnect the keyboard. That is something you can customize in the Chrysalis “my keyboard” settings.


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