Custom Per Layer LED Colors

Had this working on my old firmware a few years ago, but the Kaleidoscope API seems to have changed and now I’m having trouble figuring it out. My goal is that when I toggle to some layer other than layer 0, I want the layer toggle key lit up in red so that I know I’m on an alternate layer and what key to press to get back to layer 0.

Nice to have: I’d also like to set a default color scheme for layer 0, and restore it when returning to the home layer.

Using Chrysalis is not an option for me because I have a mouse navigation layer that I use a lot, and Chrysalis doesn’t have good support for this last I checked.

Whoops, found a post with the answer to this, and it looks like I read it some time ago and forgot about it. :sweat_smile:

This is what you get for leaving your firmware file on your work computer and then not copying it when you switch jobs…