How can I back up versions of my keyboard layout?

Let’s say I’m about to make major changes to my keyboard layout, and I want to be able to switch back without manually changing every key. Is there a good way to save my layouts and reload them?


Smarter people may have a better way of doing it, or you’ll need to request a feature. But I think for now, you’ll have to export each layer. I don’t see a global way of doing it.

Import/Export the current layer
then copy to clipboard
paste clipboard contents into file - e.g. date_layer0.txt or use your own naming convention

of course you’d have to do this for all the layer(s) you’ve created.


Are you changing the code or using Chrysalis?

The easiest way is just to change the code and then you can just compile and reload it

I’m using Chrysalis. I don’t know other ways to do it.

Chrysalis allows you to copy entire layers. This might not be saving an entire layout, but you can save a few layers (say layers 7-9) to do the same job.

It would be nice if you could just save the entire keyboard configuration, all layers, at once. I have two keyboards and when I changed the layout of one, copy and pasting all of the layers was mildly annoying. It was not super difficult but could have been easier.