Chrysalis - how to copy and paste layers

I just updated Chrysalis to version 0.11.8 and was very happy about the posibility to copy and paste layers. So I did just that, flashed and rebooted my keyboard (model 100) and that worked nice. But now the feature seems gone. Or it is very well hidden somewhere.
What do I do to lure it out in to visibilaty again?


There is currently a bug which causes the copy & paste layer buttons to disappear if you do not have empty layers. This is fixed in the most recent snapshot, and will be fixed in the next release too.

I’d suggest giving the snapshot a try!

i have a related question - i’m on 0.90.6-snapshot.55 and i do see the Copy Layer and Paste Layer buttons but the Paste button is always greyed out/disabled, even after i’ve used Copy Layer.

is there a further trick to pasting a layer?

Using Copy Layer should enable the paste button. Can you perhaps open the developer console (Ctrl+Shift+I on Linux/windows; Command+Option+I on macOS), and see if there are any errors display there when you press the copy layer button?

ah, yes, i should have thought of that, i was in the mindset that it somehow wasn’t enabled rather than that it was failing:

Oh, hah. I see the bug, thanks! I’ll fix it soon.

Am I correct in assuming you’re using an Atreus, or a Model01/Model100 with the Colormap plugin disabled?

It looks like the layer copying code does not deal well with having no colormap. Should be an easy fix.

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yup, it’s an Atreus!

And how does one give a snapshot a try?
I have managed to figure some stuff out by scanning settings panels and rightclicking things. But I am sure there is a proper documention on operating Chrysalis, I just dont know where to find it.

You download & install it from the release page on GitHub. It’s not possible to set the auto-update mechanism in Chrysalis to go from release to snapshot - though, now that it came it, it should be possible to do that. I’ll open a feature request.

The reason you can’t find it, is because there isn’t one. Chrysalis is still at a stage where it’s changing frequently, so keeping documentation up to date would be a challenge I just don’t have the resources for.

There will be documentation once Chrysalis matures a bit further.

Given the version number is at 0.1xx, that actually makes sense. I’ll just keep clicking around and bugging you here.


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Oh! and one more thing. Is there a way to ‘empty’ a layer in one global strike as opposed to set every individual key to ‘transparent’?

Not yet. We’re working on it, though, to make layer clearing and a couple of other things easier, but it’s under development still.

And I just realized I had an empty layer to copy from and past to the layer I wanted to empty.

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