Chrysalis firmware, ctrl+fn+keypress doesn't get sent

Hi There! I’ve been a long time user of a customized Model01 firmware, with my own plugins and layout. Still now that we have Chrysalis in a usable state, and being tired of having to recompile and reflash for simple layout changes, I figured I’d download Chrysalis 0.6.2, flash the included firmware (default variant), and customize the layout with the much more convenient graphical editor.

So far so good, but I currently have this situation:

Layer 0: Fn key is “ShiftTo 2”
Layer 2: the “esc” keycap is remapped to “End”

Now, if I press Fn + LCtrl + End, I don’t get any keypress on my computer (linux, using xev to test, same with text editors). Is this a bug, or what am I supposed to do here?

Here’s my layout for layer 0 and layer 2:

Note that I also have keys for “C+Home” and “C+End” in Layer 2, those work as expected, so I can use those instead. I’m just thinking it should also work when pressing Fn + LCtrl + Home/End/any other key in layer 2.