State of Chrysalis


I got my Model 01 and I’m having massive headaches editing the keymap in Arduino IDE to Colemak, let alone customising a new layer. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

Does anyone know when Chrysalis might be ready?

Chrysalis is still in progress, but it is usable right now.

There are builds here for Linux & macOS (windows build is still a work in progress) you can try using.

For Chrysalis to work with your keyboard, you need to flash a compatible firmware; the page above links to a pre-compiled firmware hex that should work and you can use Chrysalis’ firmware flasher to copy the new firmware over.


It is about 60MB? :flushed: Wow
And unpacked 168MB.

Yeah…it’s an electron app and so it has to include basically all of chromium. In the future, we’ll look into finding some way to optimize that :confused:

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Thanks James.

Turns out my issues with getting my firmware to work all stem from the keymaps being in the wrong order, and two commas which I never had any idea I deleted. For someone who has no experience with programming, it completely held me up.

I look forward to a working solution.

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Hi: I’d like to get in touch with anyone contributing to Chrysalis who would be willing to talk about what is happening for a potential article for Linux Pro Magazine. I’m going to have to move quickly, so if anyone is willing to answer questions in the next couple of days, could they please reply as soon as possible?


Right now, I’m the most active contributor to Chrysalis (and its original developer too). I’m happy to chat about Chrysalis & related things, either on the forums, or in e-mail (, or pretty much any other media that’s convenient for you.