How do i get my LED effects back after updating firmware w/Chrysalis?

so i updated my firmware from 1.22 to 1.94 using chrysalis but now all my LED effects that i’d put into my cycle are gone! i’m also missing the functionalColor plugin which was super awesome and handy.

i have my previous Kaleidoscope file saved, but i’m not sure it will work now because the firmware update includes changing to the plugins etc. how do i pull up the config that’s currently on the keyboard in arduino ide so i can edit it? … OR is there a better way to do this?

At the moment, the easiest is to downgrade to 1.22, since the FunctionalColor plugin has not been updated to the new APIs yet. Once it is, you can upgrade to 1.94 again. If you use custom plugins, and changed the factory firmware, then upgrading via Chrysalis is not recommended, because that upgrade is just a flash of a pre-compiled firmware. To use Chrysalis with custom firmware, you’ll have to enable a few required plugins first (we’ll be writing a HOWTO about that soon), and compile your own sketch with those.

Mind you, if you only upgraded via Chrysalis, and you have not updated anything within Arduino, then you should be able to just compile and upload your previous sketch. Chrysalis does not update the Arduino libraries, it just flashes a pre-compiled firmware.

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I just provided a PR that fixes the FunctionalColor plugin for the v2 plugin API. See here: