Can I remove default led effects without compiling my own firmware?

I have just downloaded Chrysalis and modified my layout, and was now hoping to be able to reduce the LED effects the keyboard cycles through. But it seems like I can only modify the default layer.
Do I really have to go through all that Arduino stuff and creating my own firmware now?

Note that I don’t want to modify or add effects, just remove some.

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Hello @Xerus,

No, it isn’t possible to change the LED effects from Chrysalis.However only changing the LED effects in the default firmware is simple enough.

You would have to comment the include statement at the top of the sketch and the corresponding line in the KALEIDOSCOPE_INIT_PLUGINS method.

Some of the more advanced/interesting features still require writing your own firmware but they are still working on being able to add macros and tapdance buttons using Chrysalis. I am a novice when it comes to the arduino/embedded stuff but I was surprised by how resilient the Model01 and the firmware are.

If you have some spare time I would recommend trying out flashing a custom firmware, just keep a stock version of the firmware close by in case you need to flash back.

The only problem I had was due to my own stupidity and I thought I had bricked my model01 but reading throug the forum solved it in less than 20 minutes, turns out there is a reset button on the inside of the left case which got me back into programming mode.